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Sithonia is the second and middle leg of Halkidiki. Its name, according to ancient mythology, comes from Sithon, son of Poseidon. Its shores face Toroneos Gulf on the west and the gulf of Mt Athos on the east.

Sithonia is ideal for those who love a tranquil holiday, without having to give up beauty and entertainment. There are small villages and seaside destinations that offer accommodation, combining luxury villas, hotels, apartments and camping sites in nature. It is the perfect destination for water sports lovers.

A short tour of fragrant Sithonia.

The first stimulus you will feel upon entering Sithonia is the intense smell of pine and wild nature, marking the beginning of your journey into the second leg. The intense presence of nature and the small light blue inlets against the imposing figure of Mt Athos are the elements that will add an alternative note to your holiday.

On your way to Sithonia you will come across a sign to ancient Olynthos, one of the most significant cultural centres of ancient Halkidiki, while shortly after that you will find Polygyros, Halkidiki’s capital.

The hamlet of Nikiti is essentially the entrance to the second leg. It is a major tourist destination, with a port, tavernas, and cafés and bars on the sea, while the old traditional hamlet with the church of Agios Nikitas has been preserved.

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On the western side of Sithonia you will find Neos Marmaras with its harbour, while in its mountainous region there is the small amphitheatrical village of Parthenonas. From then on starts a landscape full of natural inlets and a lace-like shoreline that will spoil you for choice when it comes to what beach to visit first. Continuing along you will pass Porto Karras and Spalathronisia, while just before Toroni you will come across Tristinika, a beach with coarse sand, famous for its clear waters and excellent beach bars.

Further along, you will find the hidden ancient port of Toroni, Porto Koufo. It is a natural and protected harbour, where boats and fishing-caiques from the area dock. At the tip of the leg are Kartalia, rocky shores that are dangerous for sailing, but very impressive because of their geological features.


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Crossing over to the south-eastern side of Sithonia you will reach Kalamitsi. It is a small seaside village that is characterised by a beautiful rocky islet, ideal for exploring, just a few metres from the shore. A bit further along is Kriaritsi with its thick blonde sand and the enchanting beach of Tigania. This natural beauty is difficult to locate if you have never visited before, unless you ask a local for directions.


Sithonia is the ideal destination for creating memories of joy and relaxation.


Further along you will come across the village of Sykia, one of the oldest villages in Halkidiki and just after that is Sarti, a bustling summer destination. Then is Kavourotrypes, a location of incomparable beauty that you absolutely have to visit, as the rocks and turquoise waters create a magical landscape that is reminiscent of exotic destinations. Between Kavourotrypes and Vourvourou there are many small inlets and beach bars looking towards Mt Athos, such as Akti Zografou, Akti Oneirou, and Armenistis. Next is Karydi, an area with very shallow waters, ideal for families with young children.

After all that you get to turquoise Vourvourou, with its luxury villas and surrounded by 9 small islands that are a stone’s throw away. It is an ideal base for day trips on sail boats and speed boats, as the small gulfs offer private access to the area’s beauty.

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Further along you will come across Ormos Panagias, a picturesque port on the eastern side of the “leg”.

As your tour of Sithonia ends you can head east to become acquainted with the mountainous beauty of Halkidiki, the villages of Mt Cholomon.


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