Terms of use


Α. General Terms

1. General information

RENTAWAY General Partnership (GP) is the administrator of this on-line tools and services platform. Through this website, on the one hand property owners, tenants or real estate managers are able to register real estate they wish to rent for, and on the other VISITORS – TRAVELERS who wish to book the corresponding property or enter into lease agreements, make use of the services offered by RENTAWAY G.P.

The term “VISITORS – TRAVELERS” means those who use or access this website and any of the services available through it, such as travelers or potential travelers who do not use the site in their capacity as property owners or property managers but make use of the website in their own interest, seeking for information on real estate and property reservations by property owners, tenants, real estate managers or reasons to make reservations concerning their profession or their recreation.

The term “USERS” refers to the persons described as VISITORS – TRAVELERS, including property owners or tenants or property managers.

USERS have the opportunity to get information about the properties available for rent from the owners directly from the COMPANY, as well as use other services offered by the COMPANY and shall they wish to proceed with the remote booking of the real estate or the services provided on the website. It is expressly agreed that the any kind of real estate hosting on the COMPANY ‘s website, is not an offer for booking or a provision of services with the respective USER.

USERS by browsing this website and using them remotely, acknowledge that they agree to and are subject to special terms and conditions as they result from the website ‘s terms of use, as set out below, but also from the current legislation. To finalize any reservation or use of a service provided by the website, the user must declare that he fully agrees with the website ‘s Terms and Conditions, otherwise he is not authorized to use in any other way or mean, the services referred to in the current website.

USERS should visit this web site in a regular basis to be informed of any revisions to the Terms and Conditions that the COMPANY is entitled to make. Because the Terms and Conditions are binding on you, prior to any reservation or use of a service, you should see if the COMPANY has posted an updated version of the Terms and Conditions on this site.

2. How to use the website

a. The USERS of the website are encouraged to read and comply with the terms and conditions governing its use, which are binding on them and them accept them unreservedly as they have been expressed by COMPANY. It is expressly agreed that the COMPANY is not liable for any damage or loss suffered by USERS or any third party due to inappropriate adherence to the terms of use of the website by USERS.

b. USERS who make use of the services through this website promise and agree that they meet the statutory conditions for the conclusion of the contract and that they are adults.

c. The COMPANY enables USERS of this site to register if they wish as members (REGISTERED USER-MEMBER) by stating certain details, in particular their name, surname, email, password, and their verificationcode. By creating the USER registered account, USERS can, if they wish register for informative e-mails, etc.

d. Any other agreement or contract that the USERS may enter into with the owners or any other person than this website, it is agreed and acknowledged that the USERS and the Owners or any other party with whom the agreement or contract is signed, they are held responsible to fulfill the obligations arising from the respective agreements and contracts and that the Company is not a party to them and disclaims any liability arising therefrom. The COMPANY does not mediate any dispute arising between the USERS and other parties beyond the COMPANY.

3. Hyperlinks – Links

This site may contain hyperlinks or links to non-COMPANY web sites. USERS must read carefully the terms of use that appear on the websites that include the hyperlinks or links, before browsing to any of them, as the COMPANY expressly declares that it is not responsible for the content of the above websites which are governed by their own terms of use.

4. Amendments

USERS acknowledge the right of the COMPANY to modify or remove the whole or part of the contents of the website without prior notice and to restrict access to parts or the whole of this Site.

5. Disclaimer – Company Rights

THE COMPANY is not liable to the USERS if for any reason the website is not available at any given time or for any period of time. In the event of technical errors on the website for reasons that COMPANY is not responsible for, it promised that the Company will endeavor to restore the problem as soon as possible. Any upgrading and maintenance of the site and platform systems will be made as far as possible with the least limitation to the USERS.

This Site only acts as a site in which USERS can be informed about property or service listings and COMPANY is not responsible for the content of these listings except for the management of real estate. Property listings or services are provided by the Owners and it is their responsibility to create the content. The COMPANY provides USERS simply with access to the content of the properties or services and enables USERS to contact directly with the owners for any other detail concerning the property or the service. For this reason, the COMPANY is not in position to approve and guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the content of the listings of properties or services included in the website‘s listings.

Owners are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the Property Listing and for the accuracy of any translation.

COMPANY will endeavor to reproduce as accurately as possible on the site any items, e.g. photos of the property provided by the owner or the description of the service provided. However, USERS agree that there may be deviations from the original photos when scanning non-digital photos, due to the lack of uniform settings of each screen or the use of different technology and that the COMPANY is not responsible for any such deviation. If USERS make a reservation of property or service it is acknowledged by the Owners that they are responsible for the content of the photos or descriptions of the property.

THE COMPANY can not verify the identity or the factual reality or the existence of a real estate and therefore USERS accept that the COMPANY is not responsible for this. The company only manages real estate in terms of service provision.

6. Intellectual Property

All content, logos and software of this website are intellectual property of the COMPANY or third parties associated with a contract with the COMPANY and protected by copyright and property rights of a database. The content of the site is only available to USERS for personal use only (to prove any agreement with the COMPANY or to keep a copy of their reservation) and under no circumstance public or commercial. The Company expressly states that storing, printing and displaying the content of this website is provided to USERS solely for personal use. USERS are not allowed to post or otherwise reproduce in any form, anything appearing on this site. In addition, it is not permitted to modify or create derivative works based on any software or accompanying documents provided on the COMPANY’s website. No consent is given to USERS to use the COMPANY’s trademark in any way or with any other similar symbols. It is expressly agreed that USERS will not use the COMPANY’s name or web site in such a way as to cause damage to the COMPANY or any third party, for the restoration of which, USERS will be solely held responsible. Property owners who register trademarks, or any content of any type accept and are bound to have the legal rights to do so and use them.

By registering the property or the service and its content in any form, the Owners grant the Company, without payment, the permanent, fully transferable and irrevocable right to be used, to be publicly reproduced and displayed throughout the world on any current or future instrument and be modified and adapted accordingly to each medium of projection.

7. Save Print Conditions

USERS for the security of your transactions have the ability to save or print all the terms of use of this website.

8. Communication capability

For any queries or complaints from the application of all terms of use contained on this site, USERS may email to [email protected] or on tel 2310222233

9. Confidentiality

a. THE COMPANY expressly warrants that has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all USER’S INFORMATION. The COMPANY uses and constantly upgrades the subsystems required for the smooth and proper operation of the system. It uses backup, protection, anti-virus, anti-malware, and so on. to ensure the security of USERS ‘data when navigating the site.

b. The COMPANY additionally complies with all security rules for secure access by the respective USER to the user-registered user account he may have created.

However, with the creation of the account, the USER promises that he will also take all appropriate security measures in order to keep his account details confidential. THE COMPANY declares that it is not responsible for the repair of any damage or damage resulting from the non-observance of the appropriate security rules by the USERS and therefore the respective USER must proceed after the completion of the communication via his account to a safe exit from the account (disconnect) and to ensure that the personal details of his / her account are not disclosed to any third party. In the event of loss or in spite of the foregoing in any way the disclosure of the password to a third party, the USER must immediately inform the COMPANY.

B. Privacy Policy

1. USERS may browse the site without being asked to provide any absolutely personal information from the COMPANY, unless explicitly informed by the COMPANY for this purpose.

2. USERS may register as a member (REGISTERED USER) stating their name, surname, email, password, and password verification. By subscribing to the system as members, USERS automatically give their consent to the collection of the abovepersonal data by the COMPANY. USERS are committed to providing this information truthfully and accurately and to properly update their subscription information in order to keep them up-to-date.

3. COMPANY respects the relevant legislation on the protection of personal data. THE COMPANY will not transmit or disclose personal information to third parties without the consent of the USERS, unless required by law.

According to the relevant legislation on personal data, USERS have the rights to information, access and objection as provided by Articles 11 -13 of Law 2472/1997.

4. With regard to the collection of data for the sending of newsletters, COMPANY expressly undertakes that this will take place with the explicit prior consent of the USERS. USERS reserve the right to access the file where their data is retained and can withdraw their consent and request their deletion from the recipients list. They further reserve the right to correct on request if there are errors in the entries.

5. The above data is processed by the COMPANY for the purpose of performing the service and is not disclosed or transferred to third parties without prior notice to the USERS unless required by the Law.

C1. Terms of rental or use of services

1. Ability to rent property or use of services over the internet

Through the website, in simple and understandable steps, USERS can make a reservation for property rental or use of services and finally to complete the process of remote online provision of services of the COMPANY. In order to rent a property or use the services of the COMPANY, USERS will have to choose the property that they wish to rent or the service they wish to use based on the detailed and clearly indicated way that is included in our website.


USERS prior to the rental of property or the use of services are useful to be informed in detail of the basic elements and conditions, which are offered for information each time in the relevant stage of the reservation before making the reservation.

3. Legal framework for rental of property or use of services over the internet

The “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” contained herein shall govern, at the same time and at the same time as all the terms of use of the website and the applicable legislation, the rent of a property or the provision of any other service referred to in this website. USERS recognize that before using the services they have read all the above terms and accept their content.

4. Characteristics of real estate and services

The basic characteristics of the property to be rented and the services to be used are displayed on this website in the relevant case. For technical reasons on the website, there may be a partial mismatch between the projected property or the real estate service such as in the case of variations in color or photo marks. THE COMPANY is not responsible for any such variations.

5. Procedure for renting a property or using a service

a. For the rental of real estate or use of services follow the following steps RESERVATION PROCEDURE.

You select a section of the website and then the type of property or service.

See the properties or services that interest you. With a click you can zoom in on the photo to see every detail. In the product description you can see useful information such as description, reference code and price. Then available dates.

Select the property or service and proceed to the next steps. Then you can choose whether to continue or complete the reservation. If you want to finish the booking, you can continue creating an online account.

Choose your payment method.

a. Read carefully the confirmation of the reservation.

Select (click) the icon for accepting the terms and conditions, which you must read and accept before choosing the “pay” icon.

b. It goes without saying that before terminating their detention, USERS may cancel or modify the details of their detention. In any case, COMPANY points out to USERS to make a thorough check of the details of the reservation before selecting the “payment” icon.

c. When the USERS finally make a reservation, they will receive confirmation from the COMPANY confirming their booking. Otherwise, USERS can directly book by any known means, mainly by e-mail.


When making a reservation, all information that the USER declares must be true and accurate. In order to avoid mistakes in error, it is considered useful for the USER to check all the details of the detention before it is completed.

7. Prices

The cost of services may change. THE COMPANY declares that all the prices included in the Site are subsequently subject to these changes, for which USERS will be duly informed. Furthermore, the services of the COMPANY are available subject to the availability of these services, for which USERS will be duly informed.

8. Right to reject the reservation

THE COMPANY, although has made every effort to ensure that both the description of the real estate or the services and the prices of the services provided are accurate, reserves the right not to accept an offer of services that are mistakenly misrepresented or priced. e.g. due to a graphical omission or due to technical errors in the operation of the page or for any other reason.

THE COMPANY maintains the same right in case of a very high price service as well as the right to contact the USERS.

THE COMPANY furthermore declares that it reserves the right not to accept a reservation by a person who has not paid without justification or repeatedly in the past. In any case, the Company declares that it reserves the right to contact their USERS to ensure the smooth progress of the completion of each reservation. Furthermore, the Company reserves the right in its sole discretion to communicate especially if the person has not paid without justification or repeatedly in the past with that person and ask if that payment of the price and any expenditure by deposit to a bank account.

9. Payment methods

In order to finalize the reservation, USERS are required to pay 30% of the total value of your reservation. This amount is not refunded by the company if the reservation is canceled after the expiry of the stipulated limit of days stated on each property. Before the expiry of the prescribed days limit, COMPANY returns to the USERS the entire amount.

A. Deposit in a bank account

Deposit the money in one of the following bank accounts:

Alpha bank GR 0701407120712002002014767 SWIFT/BIC CRBAGRAA και

National bank of Greece GR 6501107440000074400232729 SWIFT/BIC ETHNGRAA.

It is essential that the bank’s depository states your name and your reservation code. After making the deposit, you will need to send us the deposit receipt.

B. Payment to the Company via credit card.

Upon the arrival of the USERS the accommodation must be fully paid for the cost of their reservation. This can be done by cash or credit card upon arrival or may have been deposited in one of the following accounts:

Alpha bank GR 0701407120712002002014767 SWIFT/BIC CRBAGRAA

National bank of Greece GR 6501107440000074400232729 SWIFT/BIC ETHNGRAA

In addition, for the detention of specific real estates an upfront amount is required and USERS give it to the COMPANY on their arrival and if there is no damage to the property, COMPANY returns to the USERS the full amount of the guarantee on departure. The amount of the guarantee depends on the property and is communicated to the USERS before the completion of their reservation.

Upon the arrival of the USERS at the property they are invited to sign a contract in two languages (Greek and English) ​​with all the booking details, in which the amount of the lodge’s guarantee is indicated.

10. Delivery of a reservation

Delivery time. THE COMPANY will deliver the booking to the USERS, the day and time indicated in the confirmation email.

11. Reservation archive

The COMPANY informs that it keeps an electronic record of the services provided, to which the USERS can not access.


It is expressly agreed that USERS have the right to replace the property or the service or to refund the money in accordance with the relevant legal provisions and the terms on this website.

13.Save- Print service terms

USERS for the security of their transactions have the ability to store or print all the terms of service.

C2. Terms of Refund or Replacement of Property or Service

I. Reservation cancellation policy

1. Right of withdrawal. USERS who make a reservation of the property or service provided by the COMPANY through this web site have the right to cancel the reservation within the stipulated days limit as stated on each property. For every reservation of property there is a limit of days within which USERS can cancel their reservation without any charge.

2. Time limit for exercising the right to cancel a reservation. The expected number of days within which cancellation is allowed is not the same for each accommodation but ranges from 7 to 30 days. In any case, USERS are informed about this before their reservation. Usually for most accommodation the cancellation limit of the reservation is 15 days.

3. How to exercise a right. By using their reservation number USERS have the possibility to inform the COMPANY by e-mail about their non-arrival at the property and then if the cancellation is within the stipulated limit of days within which cancellation is allowed, COMPANY returns to USERS the entire amount of the deposit they have paid.

4. USER LIABILITY. Any bank charges are charged to USERS.


In the event of a refund by depositing in a USER bank account, USERS are required to disclose their bank account number to which the COMPANY will refund the money.

6. Exceptions to the right to cancel a reservation

It is expressly agreed that USERS have no right to cancel the reservation if they have already used the services and have found a lack of use during use.

II. Request to change (reservation replacement)

1. It is expressly agreed that COMPANY will accept requests for replacement of reservations only for reasons related to a system error regarding the availability of the property or the service.

a. USERS in this case are obliged to fill in and send to the company the request for change (reservation replacement) or request for a refund. Within 48 hours, he or she will receive a response as to whether his request has been accepted.

b. It is expressly agreed that no request for a replacement or reservation request will be accepted if the USERS have already made use of the services and are found to be unaware or unlikely to use during use.

D. Other Provisions

Any modification of these terms is only written and so only is proven.

These Terms of Use apply within the scope of the relevant statutory provisions. Any term that conflicts with applicable law automatically ceases to apply.

It is expressly agreed that any dispute arising out of the application of all these terms of use and in particular of the terms of service, provided that it is not resolved in a friendly manner, is governed by Greek law and the courts of the city of Thessaloniki are competent.

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