Become a host

Become a host

List your place and earn money!

Do you have an empty apartment or a holiday home? Sign up with
Rentaway and start renting to guests from all over the world!

List Your Property

Maximum exposure and security

Reach thousands of guests looking for unique places to stay. Earn
money in a simple and secure way. No one other than the guests
you have confirmed has access to your full name or your contact
details. Only your first name and the general location of your place
on the map will be visible on the website.

You’re in control with easy-to use tools

You control availability, prices, and who stays at your property. Access best-in-class booking tools for setting up your rental rates and handle the process however you like.

Receive payment

Για την οριστικοποίηση της κράτησης, οι ΧΡΗΣΤΕΣ απαιτείται να πληρώσουν το 30% της συνολικής αξίας της κράτησης σας. Το ποσό αυτό δεν επιστρέφεται από την εταιρεία, αν η κράτηση ακυρωθεί μετά την παρέλευση του προβλεπόμενου ορίου ημερών που αναγράφεται σε κάθε ακίνητο. Πριν την παρέλευση του προβλεπόμενου ορίου ημερών, η ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ επιστρέφει στους ΧΡΗΣΤΕΣ όλο το ποσό.

Rentdirect Service

Earn money from your property with Rentdirect

Benefit from a complete service — from marketing and insurance through to cleaning, management and
maintenance. Earn money without spending time and energy!

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