Pefkochori is one of the most cosmopolitan hamlets in Kassandra and is located on the eastern side of the leg, very near to Kallithea. It is one of the prettiest and most welcoming destinations in Halkidiki, as it is famous for its liveliness and hospitality, especially during the summer months.

It attracts lots of tourists and all those who love organised holidays bustling with life. Naturally, there is no lack of nature in Pefkochori, since, as its name implies (Pefko means pine tree), it is characterised by intense vegetation.

In Pefkochori you will find organised beaches with crystal clear light blue waters and renowned beach bars all along the village, with a view of gorgeous Sithonia. There are daily departures of small boats from Pefchokori skala (harbour) that will take you on tours of the surrounding beaches and areas. The night life here is one of the region’s aces in the hole, since its clubs and bars keep going till the sun rises.

As far as accommodation is concerned, there are many worthy choices that will provide you with the rest you need. Luxury homes and villas of the highest standard just a stone’s throw from the sea will meet your needs for rest, fun and comfort.

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