The sea has always been a part of our homeland. And through it, sailing emerged over the centuries; the art of taming the wind in order to travel to destinations unreachable by land.

Sailboat holidays are an experience you absolutely must acquire. So many images will become engrained in your memory, the endless blue of the sea colouring them all. One cannot forget the hazy sea of the horizon, the intricate lace-like shorelines, and the sunsets bursting with colours. Everything around you imbuing your summer holidays with intensity and character.

If you are tired of the heat of summer, the crowded beaches, the hubbub of the holidaymakers, then the sea will win you over. By selecting a sailboat for your summer getaways, you will see the world from the opposite side. Through the prism of the sea everything is beautifully different. Playing in the water and the cool breeze are nothing like a holiday on land.

Your day on a sailboat starts early in the morning. A sip of coffee and the sun invites you to dive into the crystal clear waters. After this cool wake-up it’s time to chart a course to your next destination. If there is a breeze, switch off the engine and raise the sails. If you are thirsty for knowledge, play around with the wind and find ways to tame it, while it takes you on your journey. If you are lucky, you might encounter dolphins. They dive in and out of the water along the bow, so let your legs hang over the edges and enjoy their games

Your first stop is a beautiful location for a rejuvenating swim. There are many choices for all types of holidaymakers. Some beaches are organised, with beach bars and small tavernas near the sea. Others, cannot be approached by land, emerging from behind the rocks, the glory of nature dominating all. No matter what you choose, the landscape will reward you. Before you know it, it’s lunchtime. A glass of tsipouro with some seafood mezes on the boat are just right during the summer daze. The day rolls on and – full of images – welcomes the sunset. Get a hammock, tie it to the bow and mast and let the rhythm of the sea carry you off while you watch the stars slowly appear in the summer sky. You can spend the night on the boat with your friends. If some of you like the cosmopolitan lifestyle, then all you have to do is to dock at a harbour and then wander around and visit the island’s chora.

A sailboat allows you to get to know and travel to many locations in just a few days, which is practically impossible by land. The type of craft you will book depends on your desires and needs. Classic sailboats, catamarans and yachts are just some of the choices. Most vessels can host 6 to 10 people, so – whether you are traveling with company or your family – there is enough space for everyone.

You don’t need to know how to sail to enjoy this unique experience. All you need is an experienced skipper who will safely take you on your journey and will utilise the wind and weather appropriately, offering you your dream holiday.

Sailing is a unique travel experience that you will never forget. Deep turquoise waters, small and large islands, islets, inlets and picturesque ports embrace Greece and welcome you on a journey the likes of which you have never experienced.

In fact, according to a lyric by the poet Elytis, “there can never be the wrong kind of sea”, so let it carry you away.

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