Summer 2018: The perfect plan for the perfect vacation!

kalokairi 2018
Beloved summer is just around the corner and we have the perfect plan to make the summer of 2018 an unforgettable experience!

 Step 1:  Pick a destination

 Idyllic beach or breathtaking mountains ?

  kalokairi 2018 thalassa   For you, who cannot imagine a summer without swimming and bathing, we suggest the marvellous Chalkidiki. A destination that offers beautiful sandy beaches, traditional local taverns, rich nightlife and divine natural beauty. If you want to experience the vividness of life at its fullest, you should visit the first peninsula of Chalkidiki, Kassandra. Alternatively, If you want to be mesmerized by the endless green and recharge your batteries, you should pick Sithonia, the second peninsula of Chalkidiki. Finally, a fine suggestion for selected travelers, is the mountain of Athos.   kalokairi 2018 mountain   The ideal excursion for all the mountain lovers out there, is Zagorohoria! A complex of 46 traditional stone-built villages with internationally renowned beauty. Nature has been very generous in this particular area, the green hills and the crystal rivers magnetize every traveler and tempt him to explore.  

Step 2: Book your accommodation as soon as possible

kalokairi_2018_book_online   It is a fact that the availabilty of the top notch rentals in popular areas is limited due to the high demand. The wise traveler always books his accommodation early on so that he won't encounter any unpleasant surprise. Find unique homes in Chalkidiki and Zagorohoria and book your summer vacation today!

Step 3: Organise the details of your trip

All over Greece you will find a vast variety of activities to choose from. If you visit Chalkidiki don't lose the chance and book an amazing sailing cruise in the crystal blue waters. Learn everything about sailing and the suggested cruises and create memories that will last for a lifetime. kalokairi_2018_sailing   For those with an adventurous soul, a Jeep tour is the perfect escape! Rentaway is at your disposal any moment. If you want to create the perfect trip together, Contact Us today!
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