Sani is one of the most beautiful areas of Halkidiki and is located on the north-eastern part of the first leg. It is very close to Moudania and Thessaloniki, and thus Sani is a seaside destination that is easily accessible.

The area’s main sight is the Stavronikita Tower, which stands atop Sani hill and was once a dependency of the monastery by the same name on Mt Athos. The area is characterised by intense natural elements, such as long golden sandy beaches, shallow light blue waters and pine trees along its shores.

The Sani experience will leave you with an aura of luxury and culture. Blue Flag beaches, water sports and scuba diving, renowned beach bars with excellent cocktails, modern sports facilities, seafood tavernas and restaurants serving Greek cuisine, are just a few of the features you will encounter if you choose to visit the area. It is the ideal place for a family holiday, a romantic getaway and relaxation. Luxury homes, villas and maisonettes with a view of the Aegean Sea and Mt Olympus will provide you with the quality holiday you have been searching for.

For those of you travelling by boat, Sani has one of the largest and most fully equipped marinas in Northern Greece. Every day, both during the winter and during the summer, boats from all over the world find refuge and dock here. The area’s landmark is Sani Festival, one of the top cultural events in the region, which is organised on Sani hill every summer, featuring world renowned artists.

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