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Sani Gourmet Festival 11-15 of May 2018

sani gourmet festival 2018
The Sani Gourmet Festival dates have been announced for this year. The beloved and highly expected festival will take place from 11 until 15 of May in the awarded restaurants of Sani Resort, Water, Fresco, Katsu and Byblos Caviar.

A few words for Sani Gourmet Festival

Since 2006 Sani Gourmet has been established as the most informed and acclaimed culinary institution. The guests of the Festival have the opportunity to taste unique gastronomical creations from the hands of talented and upcoming cheffs, awarded with Michelin stars. sani gourmet This year 8 world renowned chefs will be featured in the event. The Italians Umberto de Martino and Saverio Sbaragli, the Korean-American Akira Back, the German Bjorn Swanson, the Dutch Remco Kuijpers, the self-taught Libanese Alan Geaam, the Argentinian with Italian heritage Paulo Airaudo and the japanese Ryohei Kawasaki. The lovers of Gourmet Gastronomy and the supporters of the Festival have already arranged their accommodation. For more information visit Sani Gourmet Festival.

Your accommodation near the Festival

Rentaway offers villas and homes only a breath away from the location that the event takes place. Book homes in Sani or unique Maisonettes in Afytos and apotheosize your experience We are at your service, to help you find the perfect home for you. Contact us today and find the home that suits your needs. Stone-built Luxurious Maisonette in Afytos. Διαμονή στο sani gourmet festival Villa in Sani sani gourmet accommodation For more suggestions, take a look at our Kassandra accommodations.
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