Poteidaia is a unique destination due to its geographic singularity. It belongs to Kassandra and is the peninsula’s northern border.

Its main characteristic is the Poteidaia canal, a 1250 metre channel that connects Toroneos Gulf to Thermaikos Gulf. Due to its strategic position it used to be known as the ‘Gates to Kassandra’. According to historical data, the canal dates back to the 1st century B.C., however the most recent works done on it were carried out in the early 20th century.

At present, Poteidaia is a centre for tourism development that is full of life in the summer months. Its large, organised, and shallow beaches, mainly on its east side, are an ideal destination for families. Cafés, beach bars, and tavernas all share the crystal clear blue waters of Toroneos Gulf, while the pines along the opposite coast of Sithonia create a stunning landscape.

You will find everything you might need in the village. Modern and luxurious homes just a few metres from the beach can act as the base for your restful and beautiful holiday. On your way to Poteidaia don’t forget to talk a stroll along the popular walkway or even relax in one of the parks on either side of the canal, watching the boats pass by and looking out onto the fish market.

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