Nikiti is a seaside town that marks the beginning of Sithonia peninsula. It is located in the northwest of the leg and is one of the most central points in Chalkidiki.

If you visit it in the summer you will see its liveliness spill out onto its streets. Thanks to its great residential development you can find anything you need all year round. Its roads cater to shops, super markets, and services, as well as cafés, bars and traditional tavernas that reach all the way to the sea. Its beach is long, sandy and well organised, and it welcomes you to the warm, blue waters of Sithonia.

Walking along the seafront you will come to Nikiti harbour, which is home to yachts and fishing boats alike. For those looking for a getaway, Nikiti is a key location both for excursions by car and by boat, as there are many destinations nearby worth visiting. If you are looking for something a bit more traditional, just a few minutes from the town centre and just above Nikiti’s main road, you will find the old stone-built hamlet by the same name, which is watched over by the church of Agios Nikitas.

For your stay there is nothing better than the villas and luxury homes just a few metres from the sea, offering you restful moments with a unique view.

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