Cobbled streets, beautiful houses, small shops, street artists, melodies and colours are some of the features you will enjoy upon reaching Afytos. Afytos (plantless) took its name from the small amount of vegetation present in the village. Nevertheless, over the years the name changed to Athytos and as a result it now has two names. It is one of the first and most beautiful villages in Kassandra, built along a rocky outcrop that provides it with a beautiful view of Toroneos gulf.

The first thing that will attract your attention upon reaching Afytos are the brick homes and beautiful stone villas made with the locally sourced stone, tufa. At the centre of the village you will find shops selling souvenirs and decorations, as well as many restaurants, bars, cafés and tavernas for food and night time entertainment with a view of the sea from above. Its beaches are clean with white sand, while its turquoise waters harmoniously fit in with the village’s beauty. As far as accommodation is concerned there are various places to stay at throughout the village, but it is its beautiful maisonettes that stand out, combining glamour with natural elements, such as rock, vegetation and the blue colour of the sea. Access to the beaches is easy and quick, both on foot and by car.

It is a year-round destination, as every season here has its own beauty. If you choose to visit in the summer the ‘Afytos of Athytos” is one of the main events in the region, which you can attend on its streets, as it will give you a taste of Halkidiki’s culture and art.

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