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3+1 Things you must do in Chalkidiki

Travel Tips chalkidiki by rentaway
Chalkidiki is among the most beautiful places in Greece. The beauty of this place is highlighted during the summer months as it fills with life and joy and is ready to welcome the adventurous travelers.

What should a traveler do in Chalkidiki?

Discover what is worth adding in your to-do list and explore Chalkidiki in the most unique and authentic way!

1. Visit as many beaches as you can

There is a local saying that states: "There is no place like Chalkidiki". One of the reasons that Chalkidiki has become so popular, is its truly beautiful beaches.   sunset beach chalkidiki   Some have silky sand and others wonderful shiny pebbles. Some are cosmopolitan and others secluded and private.   paralies chalkidiki   All of the beaches have warm teal waters perfect for swimming and bathing. Visit the turquoise waters of Diaporos, the crystal blue waters of majestic Ouranoupoli and the beautiful beachbars of Pefkochori. Find unique homes in Kassandra and magnificent Villas in Sithonia.

2. Explore everyone of the three legs of Chalkidiki

Kassandra is known for the intense life and vivid lifestyle, while Sithonia manages to enchant with the idyllic beaches, the third peninsula alson known as Athos, offers unique natural beauty and unparalleled landscapes. It is vital that you experience the most from every corner of Chalkidiki and the smartest way to do so is..... in the sea! sailing sithonia rentaway   Rent a boat or a sailing yacht for an entire day or more with your friends and discover uninhabited beaches and coves.   skafos krouazieres chalkidiki Evem a 4 hour cruise will revitalise you and allow you to dive into the most heavenly waters you have ever seen! For boats and cruises in Chalkidiki we are at your service.

3. Taste local delicacies

Chalkidiki creates exceptional honey and has many traditional taverns with fresh fish. honey halkidiki   fish chalkidiki rentaway   Additionally, don't forget to taste the warm traditional "loukoumades" (donut like pastry) with honey and fine ice cream that are created with local pure ingredients! Bonus Tip

4. Ask the locals. They know Chalkidiki better than anyone!

Do not hesitate to ask the locals for information. Listen to what they have to say and follow their suggestions. If you do so you will experience the local culture of this magnificent place, to the fullest. Of course we encourage you to ask us, Rentaway for additional tips and advice. Contact us to help you find the ideal accommodation for you in Chalkidiki and assist you in having an unforgettable vacation experience!
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